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Slangs and Acronyms

Slang used by sneakerheads:

Heat: A sneaker or collection of sneakers of particular rarity that is verging on grail Status. Ex: “Yo, I heard this nigga Jamal got heat, Let’s rob him.”

Hypebeast: A person that follows a style led by hype and popular culture with means to grab ones attention. A trend follower with a limited mindset. Ex: Chris brown.

Putting Shoes on Ice: To save shoes for so they would remain in new condition years from the day they were purchased and would appreciate in value.

Jays: Jordans abbrievated.

Foams: Foamposites condensed.

Retro: An original colorway of particular shoe re-reissued.

Breaking necks: Strain on one’s neck when said person turns to look at some ones shoes.

Acronyms commonly used by Sneakerheads

DS or VNDS: DeadStock or Very Near Deadstock (New and Like New)

OG: Original (vs. Retro). Deviation of “Original Gangster ”

AF1: Short for Nike Air Force Ones (also known as Forces and Uptowns)

SB: Skateboarding (In terms of the Nike Skateboarding Line)

GR: General (opposed to Sb)

AM: Short Air Max

LO: lowtop

MID: Midtop

HI: Hightop


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